Our 100% flake broadcast floors are not your ordinary store bought flooring system. Just
etching the concrete will NOT cut it! This is a very popular floor finish for many commercial
and residential Here is a breakdown of how it is installed:
1. Floor preparation including grinding or shot blasting to provide a clean surface.
2. Crack repair to fill and seal all cracks and joints.
3. A bond coat is applied as a first coat to seal and coat entire area.
4. A second bond coat is then applied followed up by immediately broadcasting vinyl color
flakes or chips onto wet epoxy, until rejection (they no longer stick) and full coverage is
5. After the color flake coat has cured and any loose materials have been removed a final and
often needed double top coat is applied.

This is NOT your store bought flake flooring!!! There’s no need to worry about hot tire pick
up or your floor separating from cement slab.

Many Selections!