REFLECTOR™ enhancer flooring systems

Liquid Perfection is proud to offer professionally installed REFLECTOR™ enhancer metallic
epoxy flooring systems. We pride ourselves in using the best 100% solid, self-leveling, and
seamless epoxy on the market today from Elite Crete Systems.

These coating systems provide depth and originality never seen before. REFLECTOR™ Enhancer metallic epoxy flooring is the hottest, newest flooring option available today!

With virtually unlimited color possibilities, we are able to install a floor that complements any surrounding decor. This process does not use a liquid stain, so the condition of the existing concrete is not a factor in this application. We can re-surface any structurally sound concrete or wood surface. With our one of a kind technique,
we can emulate the look of marble, but without the cost or upkeep of marble.

Liquid Perfection is ready to install these incredible floor coating systems today. Check out the photos below to see the amazing finished product the REFLECTOR™ system provides.